Course/Membership Site Setup

Starting at $197

Let me support you through the setup stage of your online learning experience with this done-for-you setup service, whether you’re starting from scratch or updating an existing course/membership site.

This service is perfect for you if you’ve created your course/membership content, but still need tech support to setup your website or Learning Management Software (LMS) and upload, format & design your content.

Each of my services are customized to your needs, but here are some of the items that could be included in your package:

  • Creating & setting up your website/LMS
  • Setting up automations (welcome/onboarding emails, tags)
  • Designing & creating landing/sales pages
  • Strategizing the best processes & tools for your e-learning business
  • Uploading text/video/resources
  • Testing enrollment as a student
  • Creating checkout pages/coupon codes
  • Designing a user-friendly e-learning platform for your students/members

Tech Setup of Live & Evergreen Funnels

Starting at $297

Whether you’re selling your course or membership in a live or evergreen launch model, there is lots of tech involved. You need to set up email campaigns, make sure sales pages are linked properly, check that automations for easy student enrollment are working, ensure that all funnel and launch-related tech is set up, and so much more.

I would love to help you make sure that your launch funnels are in tiptop shape for a seamless and stress-free course launch!

This service is perfect for you if you’ve created and set up your course/membership content and are ready to set up a simple or complex funnel for your live and/or evergreen course launches.

Each of my services are customized to your needs, but here are some of the items that could be included in your package:

  • Create/build simple and complex automations
  • Set up email campaigns
  • Make sure sales pages are linked properly
  • Set up and test automations for student enrollment
  • Integrate your LMS with other tools, like your email marketing software, LeadPages, Zapier, etc.
  • Set up countdown timers on sales pages and in promotional emails

Course/Membership Site Management

Starting at $247/month

Are you ready spend less time managing your course/membership and more time doing revenue-generating activities for your business? With my management service, you can hand off the mundane and time-consuming operations tasks of your e-learning business so that you can focus on the fun things that really matter: developing new transformative content and resources to share with your audience! (isn’t this why you started your e-learning business in the first place?!?)

This service is perfect for you if you’ve created & setup your course/membership site, but still need ongoing support for the daily management/operations of your e-learning business.

Each of my services are customized to your needs, but here are some of the items that could be included in your package:

  • Adding new/monthly content (ideal for membership sites)
  • Monitoring & fixing tech issues
  • Creating & formatting emails in your email marketing software
  • Handling customer service requests (emails, FB group)
  • Making updates/minor changes
  • Facebook Group management (posts, approving new members)

Tech Strategy for Course Setup & Launches

Starting at $147

Figuring out which platform(s) to use, how to set up a funnel, or how to use a feature of a particular LMS can be challenging. I would love to sit down with you to hear more about your course and your ideas/goals for it and figure out the best processes and systems to put in place for you.

This service is perfect for you’re wondering how to implement certain tech for your online course, membership site, and/or launch. This is ideal for the course creator looking to learn which LMS is perfect for their needs and budget, as well as for those looking for a “do-it-yourself” option since you’ll come out knowing how to implement tech yourself!

How it works:

  1. We will get on a call to discuss your business, goals, and what you are looking to get out of this service (if needed, after our call, you will complete a follow-up form with additional questions from our call).
  2. I will review what we discussed during our call and develop a strategy based on where you are in your business and the tech you are looking to implement.
  3. After I’ve developed a strategy/tutorial for you, you will get to review it and write down any questions/concerns regarding the deliverable.
  4. We will hop on a project wrap-up call to go over the strategy/tutorial and answer any of your questions

Please note that this is a tech strategy service to help you determine which tools to use and to show you how to use them to achieve your goals and marketing strategies that you’ve laid out, but it does not include the marketing strategy itself. You are expected to have a marketing strategy complete so that you can implement it using the information you learn during our project.

Quality Check for Course Setup & Launches

Starting at $97

When you’ve been creating your course for months or spent hours setting up the automations and emails for your course or membership site, small mistakes can easily fall through the crack. That’s when an extra pair of eyes is essential. It offers a new perspective, allowing me to catch the small typos, broken links, unfinished automations, and more!

This service is perfect for course creators and membership site owners who have already set up their e-learning materials and/or automations and funnels for launching, but want an extra set of eyes to come in to test and quality check your work.

Each of my services are customized to your needs, but here are some of the items that could be included in your package:

  • Checking links in emails, sales pages, course content, etc.
  • Proofreading (grammar/typos)
  • Making sure videos are playing
  • Verify automations for live & evergreen funnels
  • Viewing the course as a student
  • Testing funnel steps